Ekkio Capital dopes the growth of Amatsi Group

Ekkio Capital created the group Amatsi following the fusion between two companies in which he was a shareholder.

Having accompanied the group during six years and developed by external growth, the management company realized a multiple of exit of eight times its putting in July, 2017. 


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Amatsigroup taken over by Eurofins

23 août 2017

Actu Labo

The Eurofins Scientific group has just announced the signature of an exclusive agreement with Ekkio Capital for the acquisition of the French CDMO Amatsigroup, for 130 million euros and the takeover of residual debts at the finalization of the deal. Amatsigroup, born of the merger in 2013 of Avogadro, Avepharm, Crid Pharma and DBI, has a turnover of approximately € 60 million and has some 450 employees. Led by Alain Sainsot, Amatsigroup expanded its scope in January 2016 with the acquisition of Belgian Q Biologicals and later the acquisition of Disposable-Lab in Martillac (33) at the beginning of the year. Last May (see AL n∞302), Amatsigroup entered into exclusive discussions with Bertin Pharma with a view to acquiring its pharmaceutical development activities; the transaction should be completed within the next few months

Flight over the lions : we tested the zip-line of the zoo de Thoiry

Hugo Cailloux

Robin Prudent – France Télévisions

Mis à jour le 22/07/2017 | 11:14 – publié le 22/07/2017 | 07:11

Fawns as you have never seen them. The zoo of Thoiry (Yvelines) proposes, starting Tuesday, July 25th, a new attraction: the flying  over the lions on a zip-line. The zoo, which allows to approach as closely as possible these animals thanks to a glass tunnel, suggests observing them fromthe sky, suspended from a cable a few meters away from the ground. Franceinfo tested this novelty.

By dashing down from a tower which overhangs the park in 16 meters in height, the visitors can overfly, on 230 meters, the space where live the lions. The zoo shelters 18 of them, present alternately in this portion of the park. Indeed, these wild animals can sometimes show themselves aggressive between them and have therefore been separated in several groups.

The lions not really impressed

The Wildcats” react well ” asserts Thierry Duguet, managing director of the zoo of Thoiry, to Franceinfo. During our test, the zip-line, noisy, did not seem to frighten the animals  below. Only a female made some steps during our passage.

A second zip-line of 250 meters allows to join de ground, this overflying the safari space of the zoo, where zebras, gnus and antelopes live in semi-liberty.

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